I wear many hats. I'm an organizational psychologist and offer online programs focused on Intentional Productivity and Intentional Leadership at productiveforgood.org. I'm Executive Director of Communitas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on self-directed learning. I'm a professional close-up magician in the process of starting a youth-focused program in Tompkins County to train the next generation of magicians. These three areas may seem unrelated, but I've come to realize that the thing that excites me with all of this work is helping people to see things differently, through new eyes. Whether the focus is productivity or leadership, education, or a deck of cards, in all cases I'm trying to wake people up to new ways of seeing the world.

I am originally from Southern California. I attended UCLA for my undergraduate studies, where I majored in interpersonal communication, with a minor in Spanish. I then went to Claremont Graduate University, also in Southern California, to complete my doctoral studies in organizational psychology while also doing a dual MBA in their business school. My dissertation focused on the measurement of creative insight experiences and the conditions under which radical insights are likely to emerge. I later did mindfulness, complexity, and social psychology research at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in a 2-year postdoc. After the postdoc, I was a visiting professor of psychology for 1 year at FAU's honors college before moving to Lexington, Virginia, to teach leadership science at Virginia Military Institute for 5 years. I eventually decided to leave VMI and academia in general because I didn’t feel that it was allowing me to make the positive impact in the world that I was looking for. My family and I moved to Ithaca, NY where I began developing my online productivity/leadership programs (productiveforgood.org) and our nonprofit (thisiscommunitas.org).

Aside from being a psychologist, I have also made a habit of picking up different hobbies and interests over the years. I'm a professional, award-winning magician, meditation practitioner and teacher, MovNat and self-defense trainer, and social dance instructor (west coast swing, latin). But my favorite thing to do is to speak other languages – I speak Spanish and French. I live with my wife and two daughters in Ithaca, NY.


Media Mentions

Interview (with Dr. Richardson) for ABC News and 10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris (full interview available at http://abcn.ws/2msHEYI)

Book mention in “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” (2017) by Dan Harris (pp. 109-112, 138).

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