In addition to my academic side, I have also been a professional magician for over 20 years. Although I did most of my performing during my college and graduate school years, I can still be found entertaining people with a deck of cards. I am a “close-up” magician, meaning I do sleight of hand magic using cards, coins, rope, and other everyday objects.

Magic has also recently found its way into my classroom. When teaching on a Friday afternoon and the students’ collective energy is low, I sometimes start class with a short magic trick to get students’ attention. It definitely wakes them up and is a frequent request on Fridays.


I get a lot of enjoyment out of doing magic and I do still perform at private parties and corporate events on occasion. If you are looking for a magician, I believe that close-up magic is ideal because of its adaptability to any gathering size and its interactive nature. While going from group to group at an event, I can tailor each performance to the changing audience.

Close-up magic works in any setting. I have performed at trade shows, private parties (weddings, anniversary parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.), and all types of corporate events. I have also performed at four different Club Meds in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Florida, working nightly at these resorts for several weeks at a time, performing in English, Spanish, and French depending on the language of my audience.

MAGIC Background

I started doing magic as a teenager, performing and competing in Southern California, where I was selected to be a member of the Academy of Magical Arts (the Magic Castle) in Hollywood. In 1998, I took first place in the annual International Brotherhood of Magicians Junior Close-up competition, one of the largest magic competitions in the world, with magicians from 29 different countries in attendance. That same year, I became the first junior to ever be named Magician of the Year for International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 313. In 1999, I took first place at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Junior Close-up competition. I was also featured in the Los Angeles Times and several times in the Orange County Register, in recognition of my magic. Since my competition days, I have continued to develop my magic in venues of all types across the country and world.


I don’t do big stage shows or perform for large numbers of people at once because people like to experience the magic up-close in their own hands. Performing for one small group after another, I can work any size event, from 20 people to hundreds. I most often perform during the reception or cocktail hour at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, and other private parties (e.g., anniversaries, 40th/50th birthdays). I can also perform fluently in Spanish and French. Below is a sample of my past clientele. If you are in the Rockbridge area and looking for a magician, send me an email using the Contact button below.


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